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Lancaster County Financial Group is located on the ground floor of a converted tobacco warehouse that is on the National Register of Historic Places.  The warehouse is on the intersection of Walnut and N. Shippen Str.  The only building entrance that takes you to the LCFG office is the parking lot entrance.  To enter the parking lot, while traveling West on Walnut street after crossing Plum (Plum is the cross street before N. Shippen St.) make sure you are in the left lane.  Half way between Plum and Shippen there is a sign that says North Shippen Place.  That is the entrance to the parking lot.  Pull in and find a space as far into the parking lot as you can.  There is a handicap accessible deck outside the building my office is located in.  There is a green awning above the double doors leading into the building.   The LCFG office is the first door on the left after you enter the building. 

We look forward to seeing you in our new space at this historic Lancaster County landmark./